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Arita-cho is a small town located in the western part of Saga prefecture with a population of approximately 21,000 people and area of 65.85 square kilometers. But Arita-cho is a town with a history of over 400 years, but it is famous as a pottery town for a long time.

There are about 200 kilns and hundreds of trading companies in this small town now.

In 1616 a pottery was found in Izumiyama and the porcelain was baked for the first time in Japan. It is the most famous town in Japan as a town of porcelain.

It was called Imari ceramic ware in the Edo era (Christian era1603~1868). And now it is transmitting to the world by the name of Arita ware.


Ceramics diffuser macaron

Ceramics Diffuser MACARON is made with special Arita-ware.

Absorbed perfume and aromatic essential oil would give off fragrance.

It is a kind of healing goods that impregnate your favorite fragrance and relax yourself.

You can enjoy a new aromatic life style !

Ceramics diffuser macaron

Cosmetic porcelain bottle

These Arita ware porcelain bottles are unprecedented in the world.

Beauty of Arita ware pattern cannot be expressed with plastic or glass bottles. That is the characteristic of porcelain. It is a masterpiece unique to firing at a high temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius.

Cosmetic Porcelain Bottle

Arita Romantic Glass

A harmonious combination of transparent glass and ceramic leg of Arita porcelain ware, that has 400 years of history and tradition, completed this world-class masterpiece.

Available for wine, beer or on the rocks.

It will elegantly decorate your daily table. Enjoy your relaxing time with Arita Romantic Glass.

Arita Romantic Glass


2018.3.1 - News of the exhibition
There will be the 51st Cosmoprof Bologna exhibition in Bologna, Italy for 4 days from 15th to 18th March, 2018. We will exhibit at the Japan Pavilion.
2018.3.1 - News of the exhibition
There will be the 4th Cosmetic 360 exhibition at the Louvre museum in Paris for two days on October 17 and 18, 2018. We will exhibit at the Japan Pavilion.