About Toyo Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Toyo Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a young company established in 1986.

However the products which this company is making are overflowing with goods born from innovative ideas while keeping a tradition.

And this company is known as a unique company in Arita-cho.

Business Conditions

Minimum Order JPY550,000 (or EUR 5,000 / US$ 5,500) per Shipment
  • If you want to order less than minimum amount, All expenses relating to the export will be borne by your company.
Payment Term T/T Remittance
Price FOB Japan (Imari or Moji)
  • Price valid thru until 2018/12/31.
  • Price will be changed without notice.
  • EUR / US$ Price may change upon foreign currency exchange conditions.

We can make your OEM.

OEM conditions

*OEM mold: We need mold fee.

Basically, mold fee is about €3,000 / US$3,300.

  • Our mold is plaster mold, it can be done very cheaply compared with metal mold.
  • Mold fee is prepayment.

Design expenses

We make decalcomania paper.

  • 1 color: JPY5,000 or €43.48 / US$50 per color
  • Bottle lot: 1000pcs or more

Regarding perfume bottles

The quantity of the mist pump for perfume bottles is 2000 / 1lots.

  • Formal quotation: If the shape or design is decided concretely, we will submit the quotation.


Company name
Toyo Ceramics Co., LTD.
Aritayakioroshidanchi, Akasaka-hei, Arita-town, Nishimatsuuragun, Saga Pref, 844-0024, Japan
Business contents
Ceramic products, Manufacture and sale
President-Tomoyasu KUNO
Executive Chairman-Satoru KUNO
+81 955 42-6388
+81 955 42-6377

Company philosophy

Our corporate slogan is that every day of humanity become rich, healthy and naturally friendly.

And our goal provide fun and excitement to everyday life.

And our philosophy keep on walking as a motto of making products that customers are pleased with.